Richard in the Falls!

After a few hours in the garden and the studio, we headed off for a hike at Uisge Ban Falls. I love the change in the scene according to the season....the last time we hiked here was with Morgan, in today's hike was so different! Tiny, bright and vibrant leaves everywhere, new growth all around - ferns, different flowers that i was not familiar with...just all so new and fresh! And then to find ourselves at the actual falls....and due to the amount of rain we've had over this past month, they were gushing! Richard couldn't resist heading in for a shower!!!
Please note the hand coming out of the streaming water....too funny!

This evening we were treated to dinner prepared by Richard (the French one!) and Amandine....let me tell was totally awesome! Richard made a pie with tuna, yogurt, mustard, tomatoes, and a few other secret ingredients, it was absolutely delicious. Amandine prepared a pear, chocolate crumble....oh my was out of this world....and the French vanilla ice cream was definitely the crowning glory! I can't help but be very cognizant of the amazing life i lead here...i am indeed very grateful and happy (most of the time!)

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