The way I see it.

By christinePears

Black Headed Gulls and their Chicks.

After school I decided to head straight to St John's Pool and not be distracted today. But there was a beautiful rainbow that lured me up another road and then I had to stop off at my favourite nursery to try to get terracotta pots for a crafts project, but then I got to my destination!

It is the most amazing man made loch that sits alongside St John's loch. There have been lots of islands and nesting sites constructed and there is a bird hide and another one that is nearing the end of construction. The area has been completely fenced off (6 foot high with electric wire and dug into the ground) to keep out predators. Once in the bird hide the most amazing view is revealed and you can sit in there and watch everything going on in this very busy breeding ground. Ducks, terns, and black headed gulls were the most common and the air was a cacophony of noise. There were lots of baby black headed gulls although I didn't notice them for some time as they are so well disguised. I discovered a lot more when I uploaded my pictures!

The perfect place to de-stress after a busy day at work!

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