Still Alive

By rinkkasatiainen

Meeting a friend

back-blipped on May 30th 2011

Just the day I left the camera home for my wife. OK, it was bought for her to take pictures of the little princess during the day (being light and all) - no reason for being sorry.

I met one of the hikers from my last trip - as always I promised to buy a cup of cappuccino (or such) at Café Art for the people on the trip. He was the first to take the offer. Lucky me for seeing him.

As what comes to the rest of the day. I met today one of the two ladies I always enjoy meeting, even though I have to pay for meeting them. The other is my dental hygienist and the other (the one I saw today) my hair dresser (probably using a wrong term here).

Did not quite see it coming - how much the color of my hair had faded. Like a new man coming from the lunch. Surprisingly no-one at work mentioned anything.

Probably not doing anything special in the evening - just taking a photo of the little princess sleeping

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