Some fairly new flats by the River Ness, and close to the harbour. Not sure about the galvanised steel balconies, but overall these flats are a lot easier on the eye than this!

The sun shining in the foreground only lasted briefly, with that rapidly approaching dark cloud.  After taking this snap, I darted back to work. Just making it in time to avoid the ensuing downpour. Some "meaty showers" about today. Plenty hailstones too.

Could have done with a wider angle here, but just had the one (prime) lens with me. A bit of photo-stitching would have been an alternative... if I was any good at photo-editing. The grey bridge is known locally as the Black Bridge, though I can only remember it being painted grey over the last 27 years that I've been hereabouts. Perhaps named by the same person(s) that named the Black Isle...

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