Jess & Molly Law

By jml

Some you win!

I do like summer fruits. When I saw blueberries at £4 a punnet, I thought: too much!. Then they were reduced to £2, and I still was not tempted, even though I had memories of a lovely Scottish Slimmers pudding which I made last year.

(The basic recipe is for Chocolate Orange Mousse, but someone suggested that it was even better with blueberries at the bottom, and another layer of jelly at the top.)

Then I spotted a notice which said: Blueberries & raspberries, 2 for £3. That caught my fancy, so I put them in the basket.

But when I got to the checkout, each was charged at £2 - no reduction. I complained to the Customer Service Desk. Always before, it has been 'my fault': failure to read the notice correctly, wrong product-mix, someone moved the notice ... Today, I got my £1 back again!

I hope tonight's pudding tastes as sweet as this little victory.


Here is a new back-blip of Jess: Superdog.

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