tempus fugit

By ceridwen

Fraternal fare

Number 1 Mayoral Terrace, Prendergast, was the local post office for this part of Haverfordwest until a couple of years ago, when, like so many others, it was closed. Only the letterbox remains.
Now it has become a not-very-enticing Chinese take-away, of the kind that caters mainly for post-closing-time hunger pangs.
The sign on the wall up above indicates that these working people's terraced dwellings were built almost a century ago when an establishment like 'Brothers House' would have been unheard of.

I think the name caught my eye because both my sons are good cooks and I have sometimes fantasized about them running a restaurant together. They have different styles - one plans and organises meals with scientific perfection, the other flings ingredients together with casual creativity - but in both cases the results are wonderful. Their combined talents could make for a brilliant eatery. But not like this one.

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