My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Fun fun fun!!!

Is what I've had so far today.

First proper session with Mr Scary at 8am this morning. Great workout with the best news being that I've lost 5lb (in less than a week!) on the 28 day eating plan he's given me. The Challenge feels a little bit more achievable now!

Then home, quick breakfast (porridge, blueberries and hazelnuts with a glass of orange juice in case you're wondering!) and out again to take some photos.

A friend in the next village had volunteered her children and their friends for me to practice with today (suspect so she had peace and quiet for a couple of hours!). So off we set round the fields nearby.

Got some lovely individual portraits of them, however this one just summed the morning up for me. I certainly had lots of fun and hoped they did too. Fingers crossed there's some they like for their Facebook profiles - 14 year old girls just don't realise how beautiful they are.

PS. No sun here however incredibly bright which is why there's a mish mash of expressions!

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