Dodge'y Blips

By RachelD

An Angelic Devil

If there was such a thing as this big contradiction then i think mr swan here would be it today.. The ducks wouldn't leave him alone and kept creeping up behind him and tugging on his tail feathers, que him raising up and calling.. oh and chasing after them.

My own little angelic devil would give him a run for his money though lol.

I took quite a few pictures of the swan down at the country park today but the girlis like this one the best... so the rest in this sequence i've made into an animated gif, Which can be seen here if you want to see :D

Weather is wonderful today!

oh and update on yesterday: the dsi was found... you'll never guess where! was actually in the drawer which i am constantly telling them to put it away too hahahahahaha last place they dreamed of looking but it got their bedroom tidied lol

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