Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Heron morning

Sandside, Cumbria

I knew that it would be worth getting up early this morning. We have had weeks of low pressure systems bringing wind and cloud. Last night a high pressure system arrived at last, and the wind dropped to a whisper. An early start would mean catching the little wispy mists that hang over the lower lying, damper ground. I was up at 5 am, but it wasn't early enough to see the dawn, the sun was already up.

There are always herons on the estuary here so close to the Dallam heronry. There is a lot of movement in and out at the moment, but this one was stationary long enough for me to take a few photographs.

After this, it was on the train for meetings in Manchester. It turned into a beautiful Summer's day. Tonight, we drive to Yorkshire, so this is a bit of a blip and run.

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