One Of The Houses James Joyce Lived In, Once

James Joyce ivy
on James Joyce plaque,
James Joyce pebbles
on James Joyce dash,
James Joyce knocker
on James Joyce door,
James Joyce dust
on James Joyce floor,
James Joyce windows
with James Joyce glass
waiting for James Joyce
clouds to pass.

Just caught this silhouette through the car window. I was on the way home from a walk on the WEST PIER in Dún Laoghaire. It wasn't much of a walk, though I enjoyed it. I made it about a third of the way before I realised it was time to head home. Next time I'll make sure I've more time. I don't ambulate myself nearly often enough. As far as I recall, this is one of the last (possibly the last) houses the Joyces lived in on the south side of Dublin. I think they were already in dire straits at that stage, doing 'midnight flits' to avoid paying the back-rent etc.

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