By Viewpoint

An unexpected interest!

We went to visit the wind turbines at Royd Moor this morning, always one of J's favourite places. Ann and J spend their time making up stories about J. the engineer who will fix the turbine that is currently not working. An early lunch at the Windmill Cafe, as my sister was picking him up at lunchtime to take him out for the afternoon, before returning him home (my guess is that he will have fallen asleep in his seat the minute she set off in the car.)

We returned through Penistone, parking outside St John's church so we could go and have a look at the new Market Hall. Well the minute he saw the open gate of the churchyard J. was off. Whoever thought a five year old would be intrigued by graveyards. It would appear that `the zombies are in my (computer) game, they come up from behind the graves like this' (flat table graves with a cross). `They only come out at night - not in the morning.'

Gravestones forgotten we went on our way - J swing/walking between the two of us as we headed for the hall. It truly is an amazing building - the first time we've seen it up close.

Exhausted now - we're both recovering!

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