Life with The Pinks

By suzypink

Doing it the Wiggles way...ok!

Hoop de doo! What a wonderful day!

We woke up late as the children had gone to sleep so late, and went for our massive breakfast in the restaurant next door. The mini pinks loved it as they could have whatever they wanted to eat.

We went into Bristol, which seems like a really lovely city, and had a walk along the waterfront and some lunch in the @Bristol Cafe. We had meant to visit @Bristol but unfortunately didn't allow ourselves enough time given the late start. Outside the museum though are loads of fantastic water features with shallow water falls and ponds, that on this very hot June day had most of Bristol's children paddling in them. Well of course, me being me and the mini pinks being themselves, off they went and paddled very happily in the water fountains, pools and splashy bits. Not equipped for such eventualities they were dried with Miss Pink's buggy blanket, and the good old sun!!

Clothes and sunscreen back on, and off we went to the Bristol Hippodrome to see the Wiggles. And what a fabulous show. Always great entertainment and so child centred. The mini Pinks were thrilled as Anthony the Blue Wiggle saw their "gifts" they had brought with them for Wags, Murray and Dorothy, and so shouted out a big Thankyou to them both. And even more excitingly, Master Pink's favourite Wiggle - Jeff - came and collected the children's gifts from them. The photo is of Jeff Wiggle, and Mr pink as Jeff collected the Bone (for Wags), rose (for Dorothy) and Guitar (for Murray)!

We went to Giraffe for dinner afterwards, and then back to the travel inn for the thing they call bedtime. Or not-going-to-sleep time as the mini pinks may as well have renamed it.

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