All that is beautiful

By sharob


On my daily check on my tomato plants, I noticed all these dew drops on the leaves .. I'm so proud of these plants, I grew them from seed! I used to be a real greenfingers and delighted in a pretty garden, but with children around, I've not been able to spend so much time out in the garden. We really want to grow our own veg and salad, I've also grown potatoes in a sack near the tomatoes. I don't know when they're supposed to be ready for picking though, the plants themselves are really tall now!

The garden in our new house is so much smaller than what we've got now, there won't be room for the children to play so I plan on using it as a growing garden more than anything else. Seems a practical use of space and as the children get older, I'll have more time to spend in the garden. Winner all round!

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