Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

Seeing work from a new angle

Well I made it back to work. Just half a day today. Got up at 7:30, set off at 9:00, made it to Milton Keynes by 11:45 so had a leisurely lunch in M&S. It feels very weird but I have managed to pick a good time with not too many people here to ease myself in without fuss. I did get a hug off the director which is... unusual.. but nice ;-) She hasn't done that before.

Not only have I got the first day back at school feeling, there are new people who have been here a while who think I am the new girl and I've also got new hair cut and new glasses. They'll all get over it soon I hope.

I have never seen the building I work from this angle before because when I was here last they were still knocking the building next to it down. So it seemed appropriate for today's blip.

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