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Anchor Mill

Off work today (hooray!) but not off on Monday (Boo!)
Drove through to Paisley to see B and we went out to do a few errands. I jumped out and braved the biting wind to take some shots of the Anchor Mill

I love this building, it's probably one of my favourite buildings in the world. So grand and imposing but with a lovely wee weir at the front, it sits proudly in the centre of Paisley as a great reminder of the cloth trade that made the town famous.

It's been Blipped before by quite a few people and all much better than this shot.
Not entirely happy with the ones I took today, they don't do the building justice.
But in my defense my hands were numb and I nearly got blown away today!

I'll definitely go back in the summer and try to take something that reflects just how great this building is.

Have now back-blipped for yesterday but that's not all that brilliant either - let's hope the weekend brings some shots I actually feel happy with!

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