Show pony

We've come to love our Wednesday lunchtime market. I've particularly enjoyed the animals, different ones each week (and no, I'm not referring to staff or students ;-)

Today we had a little painted pony. I'm assured the dye is harmless, she certainly looked a comfortable and proud wee girl.

Last week we had Bert and Ernie (who forgot it was a family show ;-)

The week before a couple of donkeys.

I missed the previous weeks but I'm sure I would have enjoyed the animal selection ;-)

There is no market next week. This week is the end of semester, then exams. We're not sure if a decision has been made on running the market next semester but we hope so.

Oh, I bumped into an old friend selling t-shirts designed after our earthquakes. It's based on that NZ word 'munted'. Might blip it some time ;-)

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