Game over

It's a cause for celebration today. It is the END of the worst year of work I have ever experienced and hope there will never be one worse in my lifetime. I don't have a new job, but I've made so many changes to our new year (work at a college), that things should be awesome. Plus we have new staff, and they are awesome. We're running like a fine oiled machine (is that the expression?).

So to celebrate, I managed to be only 1/2 hour late home from work, picked up a pizza and stopped at the dock for a bit of HDR. My oldest said it would be okay to spare just 3 minutes on our way home so I could take a photo at the dock. Isnt' he a love?

Oddly, the area smelled quite strongly of death. I wondered if a seal might have died but could find nothing rotting upon the rocks. Then a strange man started yelling obscenities and began charging at me. Seems his little dog was "in trouble" and was just behind me. So glad it was the dog and not me.

Now it's off to watch why mega beasts went extinct with my future paleontologist. Wishing it were Friday.

P.S. You'd almost forget the weather said "sunny" for today...

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