Dirty now

This is from the large pile of utensils left over from dinner the evening before. It was a loud affair.

I have mixed feelings about this period of being in-between. Decided to attend a training because it had been a while. It was hardly relevant. Far too many soft-skills trainers are so averse to detail, they become a wall to communicate with. The lady kept insisting on how certain habits made her "positive" and how she liked to talked "positive" and yet spent large portions of the day denouncing different aspects of corporate culture.

We are what we do, what we choose, and much as I love words, words are, well, just words. The positive people are living their lives, the passionate people are dedicating themselves to their passions, without having to convince either themselves or anyone else of the depth of their feelings.

In other news, S thinks our milkman knows magic because we never see him. We hear the bell and see the milk at our doorstep but no one's there. Even if we are waiting behind the door to open it. S tried to test her theory and this led to an incident the other day! I quite like the idea of a magical milkman.

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