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God & the new physics

The "ghost in the machine" is British philosopher Gilbert Ryle's description of René Descartes' mind-body dualism i.e. that there exist in the universe physical stuff (matter) & mental stuff (mind).

There are too many problems with this idea - - how does the immaterial act upon the material for a start?

I think the famous physicist John Wheeler had it right when he claimed we get "it from bit" i.e. things arise from information processing & that conscious beings play an integral part in 'creating' the world through observation.

All that exists is information and everything arises from that.

You can do anything with information and it never dies.

Perhaps there is an afterlife after all?

I've been recuperating by reading an old copy of Paul Davies 'God & the new physics' complete with annotations from my younger self.

Thanks for all the kind messages, I'm beginning to feel better and the intestinal torture is over lol

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