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161 / 365 - What a lifestyle...

Now which lifestyle do I want?

Met some lovely new ladies at the gym this evening. They both asked me which career I was most likely to follow after my gap year. Well, I had planned on all three... I hadn't thought about having to choose just one. I was just going to carry them all out at different stages in life.. hmm... and sometimes slotted in between each other. (Aerobics Instructor, Musical Theatre Performer, Photographer)

Really excited for the future now. Had a sort interview thing at Premier Training today about a course in studio instruction... it went so well and I loved the instructor who interviewed me. We had a great chat talking about how much we love leading aerobics and just performing! I have until Monday to decide when I want to take the course and what aspects I want to do. I think I may just do the entire course and get the full diploma. Why not?! It's my gap year?! :)

Tried out Aqua Aerobics for the first time today.... it was... different. My arms hurt, a lot!! Was fun though, although odd to be taking a fitness class that wasn't led by either of the dance teachers from college of whom I'm become so used to following in the past 2 years. I really hope I meet future instructors just like them! It's going to be a bit weird for a while, new classes, new instructors but I guess I'll get used to it.

Hmm... now to make some future decisions! And try to catch up with editing...

(Taken on my phone - awful quality sorry.)

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