By jkj10

Ainara from the Basque Country

My mouth is still watering thinking of all the amazing food from the Basque Country Ainara told me about this morning. Her family back home have pork farms and her boyfriend is a chef specialising in Basque food..Whenever she goes home her Abuela fills her bag with home cured Jamon and country cheese. Lucky girl.

There seems to be an outbreak (or what they are calling an epidemic) of measles at my boy's school. Four cases have been confirmed. My boy and I have both woken up with fevers this morning and I am keeping a very close eye on him. Very worrying.

This is another one for Visualbinam. He wanted to see a bit of London graffiti. Thanks again for all the work you did for me this week. You are such a star.

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes yesterday. Really lifted my droopy spirit. xx

P.s. Lynn, does this count as a funky?

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