By Adda


blipping after such a long break seems like a whole new beginning.

Much has passed since I blipped last. The morning of 26th May brought the shocking news of my mother's demise. On the other side of the line was my father. They had been to Kashmir for a trip to the mountains where she succumbed to a sudden cardiac arrest. Though I was saddened and shocked beyond imagination, I couldn't help but admire her choice of place to leave this mortal world. I saw the pictures from her last trip and was amazed by all the beauty that she soaked up before she decided it's time. By all measures, it was an early (and totally unexpected) exit and many of us are yet to believe that she's no more. I have heard and seen things in the past 2 weeks that I will never forget in my lifetime. My dad, naturally is the one who's most impacted. Suddenly someone who has been through all the thicks and thins of life together for 34 long years is not there anymore. Though things have settled down and he's back to his usual chores but sometimes a look into his eyes or his silence is enough to tell that he is lonely. That's one void that nobody, no matter how close, not even his children can fill - the best we can do is to be there. There was much to write during those days but didn't get a chance and later the thoughts became stale.

Everything in this part of the world needs a ceremony and death is no exception. Sometimes I think whether all the rituals are really for the peace of the departed soul or a vain attempt on our part to try and hold on for a wee bit longer. Sometimes, it is easier to just let go. When someone so significant leaves, it shatters the whole family equilibrium. For a moment it shakes everyone but it is wise to let it pass and let the system find a new state of stability. Sometimes it happens early and sometimes it takes its own time. And that is real test of strength and family values.

After a two-week long 'vacation', reached back Hyderabad yesterday and despite the horrible light, the leisurely walk with the camera around the fort this morning was a blessing.


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