Into the intermedia

Bella was most miffed we'd been to an exhibition without her* and we'd seen practically none of the non-photography stuff last night, so back we went this afternoon.

The richest discovery was the 'Intermedia Art' section. Not the work on display, I mean the entire genre. Intermedia? What sort of way is the number of types of media employed to pigeon hole art?

If it were up to me, I'd have called it the 'Untitled Department'. Or worse.

The evening was spent pondering such lunacy, making a Chinese feast for 12 people then trying to eat it with Layla and Bella, and fixing G's laptop (a task still to be completed).

*I must tag this entry in a way which ensures I can refer back to it when Bella's in her mid-teens and refuses to go anywhere near any sort of exhibition.

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