Nicole's odd life

By oddlife

The Susan

This is Susan. She is fabulous. Her hair is also fabulous. She is tall...about 6ft 2"....but not deaf so best not comment on it like she can't hear you. She was also my bridesmaid and she has been my matey for almost 13 years now.

Gosh...we're old.

We went to the new Grill48 in Dunfermline today and it was rubbish. I am gutted. I wanted it to be nice, but it was a shambles. Several waitresses serving our table, all asking the same questions one after the other, badly presented food, not very exciting food, burger came back bloody and raw....twice...after asking for it medium. Expensive and stressful with people asking you the same question x3, then asking a MILLION times if everything was ok now...blar blar blar. Annoying. The only upside being that it was a nice building.

I am full of rubbish food...but at least I got a nice picture of Susan :)

P.S. Thank you Susan for letting me take your picture and for not being too grumpy about it!

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