Life with The Pinks

By suzypink

In sickness and in health.....

Today is our wedding anniversary. We got married six years ago and had a fab day with family and friends. We vowed to love each other in "sickness and in health". Today we had planned to go out for lunch and spend the afternoon together just the two of us. however, the "in sickness" part has been tested today, and poor Mr Pink has been really poorly since 6am. I've had a tummy like a washing machine too, and felt really spaced out all morning. romantic afternoon out, and not even much of an anniversary except for the cards, but Happy Anniversary Mr Pink, you are wonderful and a half.

I took the Blip today whilst watching the bees with Miss Pink this mroning. I've really struggled to be an interesting or fun mummy today as I have felt so ropey myself. Miss pink was telling me all about the bees and where they were in the garden.

Oh and just a PS: Thank you to my lovely neighbours for having Master Pink for a play, and for getting Mr Pink lucozade. You are the best.

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