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By sharob

Journeys ...

We've done it. The 3rd walk for Oliver.

Due to lack of interest, we ended up doing the walk all by ourselves - we decided to go climb Arthurs Seat. It was drizzly and we ended up quite soaked but it was very much worth it. Clara climbed the mountain without complaint. The part she didn't feel too comfortable with was climbing back down, but she managed and we're just so proud of her. There were so many pictures today, I would love to post them all so I created this montage with some of the best pictures. After the climb, we visited a carvery where the girls both polished off a plateful and were treated to an ice cream sundae. They have been so great, 7 hours a day for the last 2 days being stuck in the car .. I couldn't have asked for better.

I had a couple of the Marchie friends email me to say that a thread had been started wondering where I'd gone after my blocking people the other day. I had a quick peek, yes, 3 people have asked where I am. But then 3 others, 2 of whom I don't even really know and 1 who was supposed to be a good friend have seriously slated me. Basically saying that this is the type of person that I am, attention seeking and enjoying everyone else being upset becuase of stuff they probably haven't even done. So no-one has actually asked what has upset me, and one lady has actually managed to turn it around to HER being upset - never mind that when I posted something sad, she said that she was going to 'slap me for being silly' next time she saw me. I love how it's ok for people to hurt your feelings whilst you just accept all these 'jokes' and comments said 'tongue in cheek' .. the minute I retaliate by backing off, I'm the one who has done something wrong. I think that I'm better off away from this destructive, uncaring group!

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