MHI - Community Day

We spent today with a community building a Mobile Health facility about 45 minutes away from the compound in Kajo-Keji. It was unreal.
People walked for miles and miles to come and be together with us. The women cooked food all day long, the children played, and the men built a shower, dug a latrine, and built the tukal (hut) where they will house the medical facility.
I have photos of all of it.. Will post to flickr as soon as I have appropriate internet access.

This is the most amazing experience to be with the Sudanese people and share the gospel, our time, and learn from their culture. I'm excited to start going out with the medical team to the villages and see patients.
The 3 most important diseases to treat and to teach the community to treat during the rainy season are Malaria, Diarrhea, and Respiratory Infections. During the rainy season, the "highways" (or dirt paths as we call them in the States) get rained out. The potholes are the size of small cars and deep too. They become completely impassable when it rains.

These boys were hanging out at the water well during one of our runs to get water for the women. Getting water is not a man's job. It is acceptable, however, for a man to drive to get water while the women and small boys and girls pump the well. They love having their picture taken and try their best not to smile. I catch them sometimes though when they just can't cover their faces. That's the best. They are so joyful.

Really loving my time here so far and I already don't want to go home. I could just be with the people here and be content. Though I always wish I could do more.
The team I'm here with is also incredible. I love getting to know each of them more and more each day.

More later.

My photo from yesterday -- I love it.

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