been some time

I'd almost forgotten that a while back on my weekend-morning walks I'd end up pottering around Blackford Hill or the Hermitage of Braid and admiring all the nice trees, streams, plants and general sorts of stuff like that. After a pleasant afternoon hoicking the wingpiglet around some wooded hill it only seems sensible to start making it more regular, now that he shows more obvious signs of appreciating things being pointed out to him, even if it's quite frequent to find that he's been facing the wrong way during an explanation of what something is.

He was supposed to be getting dragged round the north edinburgh path network in the morning in order to be able to enter the Innertube map Postcode Challenge prize draw but (whilst it went all cloudy by the time I reached the fifth stamping-site) it was too sunny to take him out without a hat when I was getting ready to leave and by the time his hat had been elastically adapted by Nicky to make it slightly more difficult for him to remove he was in need of a sleep so I just went around by myself, despite the slightly fraudulent feeling engendered by being a lone regular cycle-network-using cyclist completing an activity designed for teams/families who perhaps don't know the cycle path network very well yet.

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