horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Sweetcorn Scrum

It's ages since I've blipped the chooks... The four of them will do pretty much anything for sweetcorn, and so here we have Margot and Skye at the fore, with Miss Hennypenny and Ruby trying desperately to get in on the action. Round these here parts sweetcorn is known as 'chicken crack'.

In that holiday hiatus moment - a last day off work so that, after two weeks away, a Monday morning doesn't have to be suffered. And a Monday the 13th no less, Garfield's least favourite day.

So things need to be done, and a few have been, but for the most part there's a feeling that can only really be summarised as, pfffffffffffffffffffft about it all. We've left behind Hebridean dreams of a photo gallery cafe (with about 7 other businesses tagged on)... Speaking to a chap who runs a gallery with his wife on Harris, selling her photographs and his pottery, I mentioned how much we'd love to move out there. His response was a simple, "What's stopping you?" It's a fair question, and one which I'm hoping we can seek not to be able to answer.

Ooh, should hear this week if I've got anything shortlisted in the British Wildlife Photography Awards as well (with high hopes especially for another scrum, the blipped Waxwings from the winter).

Anyway, if you missed the last two weeks of backblips, but can't be bothered looking through them all, here are my favourite five...

1. White Tailed Eagle being mobbed by Hooded Crows;

2. Beautiful posing Razorbill on Rubha Hunish;

3. Comical sheep portrait;

4. A Hebridean sunset; and

5. The last day of the trip....

Other possible blips:
Levitating Ruby
Posing Ruby

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