2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Hover fly on dog rose

Today seemed like a very long day - probably because it was a busy working weekend.

Managed a short walk out at lunchtime but didn't want to venture too far as the skies looked very threatening still. Everything was soggy after all the recent rain.

The hoverfly was sitting still on the flower while the bees flitted around. Saw a couple of squashed stag beetles on the road - very sad. I've seen people stamp on them at our local shopping centre thinking they were cockroaches...

I think I solved an earlier blip mystery today. I came across a very spiky seed head in February and wondered what it was. I think it may be Acanthus spinosus (a kind of
Bears Breeches.

Hoping the weather will settle down so I can do some longer lunchtime walks and perhaps even a few evening strolls.

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