New Dawn #17

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That's the scaffolding down now. All the students have left the old campus for the last time too. Soon, we'll also all walk out the creaky old doors of the old campus for the final time and head up here with our cubic metre of plastic box containing however many year's worth of stuff. Holidays first though.

In other news, it hardly rained at all today.

Petrol Price update: Hang on... surely some mistake here. After 17 months of the price sneaking continually up, this month it's actually came down; a rather strange drop of 1.2p to 132.7p for a litre of unleaded and a penny of diesel too.

Maybe only another one or two of these to go, then I'll stick them all together in some form of movie. Until then you can see the construction of this as a sort of pseudo-time-lapse - Control [PC] / Command [Mac] click on each of the numbered links at the top of the page to open each in new tab, then Ctrl-TAB to cycle through them quickly.

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