Reikes small life...

By Reike

@ home

Had a wee accident this morning when I started cycling - a woman just along the street from my house couldn`t start her car and opened her car door very energetic, just when I came along on my bicycle...
Landed hard on the pavement with my right ellbow and as always tried to support myself with my wrist. Have to train falling... Luckily nothing broken, only sprained, my necks a bit stiff and I first felt dizzy and had nice black and white stars sparkling in my field of view. Trying not to faint as I kept on telling her (she had a relly bad morning and started crying) everything is fine and that I will be OK when the first pain has gone... Decided to better go home and stay in bed... So everything I can show you of my day at home is the view from the livingroom window to the river Esk.

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