Kiwi blippers will recognise this house, it's been all over the news, and on blip as well I think. So, for the sake of being repetitive ...

Dad is down helping with some earthquake assessments, so we started the day with an intro of the surrounding area. Plenty to see. Into the office and assessing our building. All OK. Out to visit several staff houses, all OK. Then back for lunch.

Then thru the tunnel and out to Lytttleton. Not good, lots of buildings gone, in progress of going, or suffering further damage. And then out to Sumner to look at all the rockfall.

To be honest, the news doesn't do it justice. Massive massive rock falls and just amazing. Very sobering stuff. In our little part of the city things are "quite normal", but not out there and it helps you remember that our city is far from right.

Interesting day, albeit somewhat shocking.

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