At One With The Sofa....

Usually I have my blip in the bag before now......or else I let it go, and don't bother!

But I got to thinking about what and why and how....and asking myself the bigger question...why do i blip (seems to be a bit of a theme these days!) but for me, i'm nearing 700 blips, still loving it on some level...not commenting as much as i have in past, and not feeling bothered by it, but it is begging the question...why do i take a photograph a day (and sometimes miss a day or two).

Mostly i'm asking this because i am thinking about buying another lens for my camera...something that will let me do more than i can with just the kit lens i got when i bought my Nikon 3100.....which i have say - i love!!! So, here's what conclusions I've come to.....via the experience of this evening....

I love concentrating on some aspect of my it the outside natural world, or the interior world of feelings! I love exploring, without an conclusion understood! I love framing the image, playing with the composition...trying to figure out what is it about this moment that i want to record!

As an aside...I'm reading a wonderful book....The Practice Of contemplative Photography, by andy Karr and Michael Wood....a wonderful combination of buddhist practice and makes one question a lot of things.

So, after browsing around on blip this evening...after a long and somewhat arduous day....i wandered down thro the house with my camera. I spotted dear old zoe (actually she's not really that old!), laying in her familiar spot...and realised she blended in so well with the tones of the sofa (talk about coordinating your pets with your furnishings...i didn't really, it was all totally serendipitous) and i loved the shapes and textures created there! I hung out for about 10 minutes, playing with the image....and now here it is!!

All this at the end of a wonderfully busy day...did the Market - i took a table inside instead of braving the shitty weather outside...and i did great!!! Not only were sales great, but 2 dinner ware orders were that's exciting!!! i'm ready to head for bed with my book. Terry is glued to the's the final game in the Stanley Cup Play offs....Vancouver vs Boston.....he's got a dilemma here....he's been in Canada over 30 years... but was born and breed in Boston...he says he is routing for the Canuks....we'll see!!!

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