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Babysitting and Bionicles

Babysitting for my best pals kids tonight, it definitely gets easier as they get older. M & R are now 12 & 8 and I didn't see them at all for the first hour as they were playing in their rooms.
They eventually came down to join me and M & I had a girly chat (She seems so much wiser than I did at 12, but not too grown up which is lovely)
while R sat quietly making this Bionicle figure. I was amazed at the result. He didn't have the figure in front of him, or a pattern to follow, yet produced this in about half an hour then went to get the toy figure to show me the similarity. A very talented wee boy indeed. I have no clue which Bionicle this is mind you!

Anyway, was a nice night after such a busy day at work.

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