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Daisy Chain

Scary discovery today - this is the first time I've had to fetch my reading glasses to make a daisy chain! Oh, my lost youth! I then wasted much of this afternoon playing with the image on Photoshop. Finally went back to the original image, only modestly tweaked. (So you're missing out on daisy-heads flying across a blue and white sky, getting bigger as they get nearer. A fun fantasy, but this is the better image. I decided daisies don't need enhancing.)

Here's a poem that I wrote years ago. Time it saw the light of day, I guess!

Daisy's friends with Jenny.
Jenny's friends with Pete.
Pete is friends with anyone
Who'll give him a sweet.
Donna's friends with Harry.
Harry's friends with Ben.
Ben's friends with anyone
Who'll lend him a pen.
Toyah's friends with Naoki.
Naoki's friends with Jane.
Jane's friends with Daisy:
A friendly Daisy chain!

poem © Celia Warren 2011

Off to line-dancing this evening - first time since my op. Hoorah! Can't wait!

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