By wingpig

I know when I'm not wanted

Either the camera implies a lack of faith in the security offered by the spikyfence or the spikyfence was added to protect the camera. They might as well take both down now seeing as there's nothing left in the particular brewery they formerly protected. A few months back they were rolling some massive great big tanks around after removing them from somewhere inside. Excellent noise but it probably scared the ducks a bit. No idea what will become of the disused prime waterfront land but it's probably a fair bet that it'll become something fairly similar to all the new fancy housing which has sprung up around the end of the canal in recent years. Still, at least it will provide plenty of sources of light for long-exposure ripply-water shots.

Lovelyholiday. Not going anywhere until Tuesday but it's the thought that counts (or more precisely it's the not having to go to work that counts). If I were the type of person to turn off my alarms and sleep in I could turn off my alarms and sleep in. Fortunately I'm not although I might make them ever so slightly later; dawn doesn't really start happening until halfish past seven although I might pop out whilst it's still utterly dark if the stars are visible.

I might pop out now for a bit; it was very pleasant on the way home although that may just have just been the combination of NEW TOY and being-on-holiday. That nasty photographically-constrained feeling has definitely disappeared though; I shall have to reisist re-taking pictures taken with oldcamera just to make the point. There was a nice moment on the lunchtime trundle today a couple of minutes before I took the picture above. Not entirely sure what it was about framing up this shot (possibly the light, possibly the clarity, possibly the instancy) but there was a definite feeling (despite it being five years since my old proper camera knackered) of somehow being back.

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