The Day of the Floating Log

As we feared, the Anstruther trip was off as the wind was coming in from due east. We let our 5:15am deadline pass and had a leisurely breakfast involving much rehydration before deciding it would be a bad thing if we didn't at least have a little sail. I mean, did we come here and get totally sozzled for nothing??
So off we set, and it was quite fine - well, until it started getting bloody wet. And wetter. It wasn't uneventful either - we were hailed by a passing rib to tell us to watch out for a floating log, which we saw sometime later. The Cap'n has history here, having once been holed by a telegraph pole and just making it back. See the stuff that thoughtless people chuck out?
I was hopeful of getting some stunning blip to mark 500, but it was grey and wet and well ... that's all; just like above in fact. No need to look at it large! Thanks to those great people at blip and of course to all my commenting blippers who provide much of the impetus to keeping going. Now I'm aff to crack a bottle. Toodle-pip!

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