3 Peaks Cycle Challenge

By DrewBradley

Marketing 101

Walking down the street I've walked down a hundred time I hear John say 'Drew, that's your blip for today!'. And it's a belter.

When taking a photo we even got told off,
'NO NO! No photo!' I think they were worried we would take this massively appealing name and copyright it! Language barrier a?

I love the following things:
That blip is becoming a communal activity and other people spotting shots
How ridiculous this sign is
My girlfriend who I get to see in less than 2 weeks! It's been a while and there is only so much skype can do!

The do to list is now officially reached 'massive' but each job done is one closer to home!

Quote of the day - Feras (while a boy in my class hugged my leg)

Stop hugging his leg! It's not a chicken!

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