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Fairies And Their Fairy Cake

Today was a busy old day. Once again it started early, but todays start was due to Toddler who decided to wake at 5.30am shouting for me.
When I went in to tell her it was still sleep time and asked her to try and go back to sleep she said "No". I then offered her some books to read in bed, she said "No". She then asked to read books downstairs, I said "No".

So I scoured her room and (where we don't keep many toys) and saw some vintage wrestling figures, though toddler does not call them that. She calls them the nudey men, and they do not fight but dance instead. So I gave her a couple of Hulk Hogans and a Greg the Hammer Valentine along with some dinosaurs that were knocking about and she seemed happy with that and I went back to bed.

Ten minutes later just as I was drifting off she yelled for me again. I went in and she handed me the Hulk Hogans back and instructed me to put them on the shelf whilst she cuddled Greg the Hammer.

Not long after we all got up and I was lucky enough to get some lovely fathers day goodies (that may be blipped in the future). I then, as a fathers day treat, went to the car boot on my own. The car boot was a bit rubbish, but having a break was great. I only spent as much in there as I did on parking but did get a couple more wrestlers / dancers for Toddler.

On my return home we set out to go to one of Toddlers best friends birthday parties. As expected from Team V it was a great fun afternoon. Full of activity and children charging about. Toddler very much enjoyed her lunch box and had a great time pretending to be a fairy with her friend.

The birthday cake was very impressive, fairy based and tasty, as you can see along with the birthday girl. Thankfully the weather was kind to us also. When we got home the early start had taken its toll and we were shattered, so was Toddler. Baby though was not and showed this off by climbing on to the sofa for the first time ever. He then clambered off and on again a few times just to rub in how awake he was feeling. He really does get everywhere.

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