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By SJordan

Track & Field.

We had a pretty early start this morning. Up at 7.30 (yes, that's early when you're on holiday...) and headed to Brampton to see the girls Track and Field. Jessica and Mikaela were both running 1500m and 800m. They were in separate 1500m races (Jessica's first time running it), and both came first respectively, then in the same 800m race, which is where this pic was taken. Jessica is in the blue shorts and Mikaela the red t-shirt. Mikaela came first and Jessica second! Another amazing result for both of them. Sadly we leave tomorrow night. So today was the last time I'll get to see the girls on this trip. I will admit to getting a little teary saying goodbye...

Back home now, John's just gone to get some stuff from the store, and is BBQing steaks for dinner when he gets back. :D As it's our last night, we're going to go to the movies and see Bridesmaids, we wanna experience a Canadian cinema. :D Oh, and I just found out that I've passed second year. Got 3 2.1's in my exams, so I'm well pleased...

So sad to be leaving tomorrow though. :(


P.S. I've backblipped for the 10th, 15th and 19th, so check those out. :D

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