...among other things!


A Rock?

Nope, it's actually a pill box, following years of wear, tear and possibly a bit of action! Take a look at it in large and you'll see the possible bullet holes!

Naomi thinks the shot is a bit Australian looking! I don't, I just like it! I found it somewhere on 'The Ridge' on a private road between Winchelsea Beach and Rye Harbour, East Sussex. Actually I found a few Blip subjects so I'm sure you'll see a few more from there soon!

On to my day... a long one at work, as usual I'm knackered! Also had a very frustrating phone call with Easyjet, don't think we'll be going away at the end of the month! :-( Oh well, sure we'll find something to do for Naomi's birthday!

Oh and Happy 17th Birthday to my sister, Melissah (Mel487 - Day's In The Life Of Me)

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