IsItDan's Journal

By DEdgell


Another boring start to the day really, i was abandoned in photography today, only 3 people turned up, as in me and two others!!!

so we didnt really do much, just looking over past portfolios and how they could inspire our ideas?!

Also a girl in my photography class has auditioned for the X Factor, so she sang for us, She was AMAZING!! honestly, i dont know her that well, but if she doesnt get through, i think i will actually go and protest at ITV!!

she was really good!!

and after that lesson, i came home and had a nice little mid afternoon nap, that was nice, i havent had a chance recently, becuase of my new driving thang, i just always want to be out!!

and just a little quote to end this decription!
"Everything Happens For A Reason" as my sister frequently says!!!

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