Regrets, I've had a few

But when they're occasional and (largely) confined to the cameras you sold and sometimes wish you hadn't you've not really got much to complain about and anyway, it seems that a 35mm lens and a 65:24 aspect ratio crop gets you pretty much the same effect as an XPan. Doesn't scan as well as Frank's song. But the cropping has the benefit of getting rid of a car park full of cars, in particular the fluorescent pink Dyno Rod van, which even in black and white sticks out like a sore thumb. Shame about the lamp post.

The nice morning walk after having caught the 6:40 train (said I would) was good. Nearly a full hour of wandering before work at 8. The secret seems to be to not sit down at all after getting up. That's all. It's like those business meetings where there's no chairs and it's all over in half the time.

Err, what else. Tap, tap, tap. Chat. Tap. More chat and some more tapping. That's been my day. It's all a bit slumped now. Apart from the amusement of telling Ewan that his mum went to school with Barry Manilow and that he wrote a song called Mandy because he used to kiss her. Playing it on Spotify proves it, apparently.

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