Five Years Young...

Today is Bethany's fifth birthday.

Is it proper to say "Where did the time go?"? I know exactly where it went and it's been a blast getting this far. Not always good but the good have always well out-weighed the bad.

Tonight we went out for her first proper (had a wee run about the street this morning) run on her new big girls bike. I was a bit nervous because it is slightly bigger for her than I guess recommendations would allow but when we got down to the park she managed to get on the bike and start up and running all by herself. I was gushing all over again with pride. She rode it all the way along to the recycling and back to the park and instead of playing on the various park things, she just went round and round the park on her bike.

Oh, nearly forgot. See the 5 badge she's wearing? She made that about 4 months ago in preparation for her birthday.

Happy Birthday Honey, can't wait to find out where our journey takes us from here.


Notes on Thanks...
Big thanks to Joe, Layla and EcoDad for introducing me to The Bike Station where we got this rather spiffing transport for the birthday girl. Oh and big thanks to the Blipfoto collective for creating an amazing corner of the internet for recording the life of my family.

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