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By SJordan

Hello Toronto!!! :D


I promise today wasn't as cloudy as this pic makes it out to be... It was actually quite a nice day... Anyhoo... Today we went into Toronto, for our first visit of the trip. :D We got the train to Union Station, then went to buy tickets for Glee Live on Saturday night in the ACC (Air Canada Centre), it's going to be awesome! I cannot wait! Seeing Darren Criss is going to make my life. ;)

After we got our tickets for the show, we headed to the CN Tower. We did the whole experience, 3D movie, 4D ride, Observation Pod, etc. This was my 3rd time visiting the tour, but it was still as breathtaking as the first time. The views are simply stunning, and the glass floor is a lot of fun, once you get over your initial wobbly knees... :) Such a great experience.

When we'd finished in the CN Tower we took a walk downtown, and went to do a little bit of shopping in the Eaton Centre, such a cool place! :D Before heading back to B&J's for dinner.


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