Steph's window on life...

By SJordan



We stayed at Dawn's house last night and the night before. It was nice to spend some time with her, Mike and the girls. This morning, Dawn took us to Vaughn Mills, an awesome outlet mall. :D We saw Brian for the first time this trip, which was so nice! Really looking forward to going to his house on Sunday to see Conny and Keira. :D We did a little shopping here, got a few presents, then B&J picked us up. It was nice to see them, after being away for a few days. We then went to their friends Maureen and John's house for dinner. They are such nice people, so it was lovely to meet them. Here's a cute little pic of one of the chipmunks (Rusty), that comes to visit their garden, along with the house that (the other) John made for him. :D Another lovely day.


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