The Scotsman Steps reopened today, after a two year refurbishment.

For those not in Edinburgh, these are a set of amazing covered steps attached to the Scotsman hotel (formerly the newspaper office) bridging one of Edinburgh's geographical obstacles...going from the level of the North Bridge over Waverley Station which lies in the bottom of the valley, to the station level.

For years they were a favourite sleeping place for homeless people (fine), peeing place for drunks (less fine) and shooting gallery and den for drug dealers (worse). Now the gates will be closed at night.

The steps are special. They have been covered in marble by Turner Prize winning artist Martin Creed. Each step is clad in a different marble.

Aesthetically...i'm not's a bit like a big packet of Refreshers....but the idea is fabulous. In a hundred years they will look great.

Had a fight with Federal Express today who somehow managed to deliver the 7ft tube containing the train for my new HiLite, but not the actual HiLite. Warehouse Express were actually very good with sorting it. The HiLite shoul be available to collect tomoorwo at the FedEx depot. If it isn't new bottoms will be created.

I also got an octobox from Elemental....

Random act of kindness osteopath lent me his top of the range light meter...

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