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By SJordan

Woohoo, my luggage has returned!! :D

Very happy to report that while I was at work this evening, my luggage was brought to my house. :D It was great to be able to give everyone their presents, and unpack all the stuff I'd bought. :D It's nice to have that all out of the way now.

Had a pretty nice day today, it was nice to go and see some of the family that I've missed through being away. That included our (Mum and Mine) usual Friday lunch with Granda. It was nice to see him, and fill him in on my trip. After that Mum and I went shopping, then before long it was time for Lyla to come. It was really nice to see her and Charis. Although Charis came just as I was leaving for work, so didn't really get to see her. :D She did however give me this, which I thought was so cute. <3 Then it was time for work. After work it was home to the excitement of my suitcase and unpacking. :D

Oh, and I've now backblipped all my holiday pics, so check them out. :D


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