Managed to get up to the top of Calton Hill to see the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight flypast, preceded by a quick Red Arrows flypast.

It was poignant, as I was stood next to an RAF veteran in his eighties, watching through binoculars as they came across. It was him that heard them first.

Hard to photograph as the light was very strange, wishy washy with the sun diffused through a giant cumulus soft-box behind the planes...I think the fill flash i'd have needed might have caused accidents. So i've gone for a high key silhouette shot. Something a bit different.

I finally got my Hi Lite background delivered today...ready for shoot in Hawick tomorrow.. I have now managed to complete a portable studio kit on the back of cashmere...

I caved and built the softbox at home....I had heard tales of horror of bending the support bars on site...it's now taking up a good chunk of my car...

I will let you know how it goes....

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